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 As we mentioned  in our HOME page, Salagean LTD collaborated with high end wood flooring companies from around United Kingdom for eight years.

Two years ago, we decided it's time to start a business of our own and to bring some unique and high quality wood floor patterns to Yorkshire and surroundings. 

The most innovative wood floor we can offer are the 9mm solid oak distressed rustic planks. These planks are one of a kind; each plank comes in different lengths and widths, with lots of knots, hand made bevelled and hand made distressed elements.

These planks can be installed as they come, for a Victorian or rustic appearance but they can also be transformed into some amazing and absolutely unique wood floor patterns such as: Mansion Weave, Versailles Panel, Chevron, Herringbone, Celtic Cross and Yorkshire Abbey.

Let us guide you through our new wood floor patterns with the following pictures.

Versailles Panel

Versailles Panel is a diamond shape wood floor pattern  and has become  very popular in the previous years. 

According to Inner Space Flooring , this floor pattern was created in 1684 when the old marble floors from the Versailles Palace in France were replaced with the now Versailles Panels. 

It can be installed as square blocks surrounded by borders or continuous with or without borders around the walls. 

Our Versailles Panel pattern it's more on a rustic side due to the iregular bevels made by hand and its distressed characters.

Celtic Cross 

Celtic Cross is known under another name as well, such as Arc et Des Flèches and it's not very popular yet, being new on the market.

Our pattern is distinctive because of its rustic character and distressed details.

The name of Celtic Cross was inspired by the pattern created when you put together 4 squares as they for a Celtic cross in the middle.

We recommend this pattern for houses with large rooms, high ceilings and lots of natural light. Otherwise it could make your room look quite crowded. 


Mansion Weave

 Mansion  Weave also known as Heaton patter, is maybe as popular as Versailles Panel and it has, indeed, an unique and very exquisite design. 

The border is complementary and the metal inlay as well. 

This one as well, like the previous two patterns, is different from others out there on the market, all the details have been made by hand on each piece individually.

After installing it, the floor will look like as the name states, some beautiful wood weaves.


Straight planks 

As described on the beginning of this page, these planks are very versatile and will look amazing wherever you decide to have it installed 

After the installation process is done and the finish process begins you will obtain that amazing rustic floor  that you dreamed of.


Yorkshire Abbey

Yorkshire Abbey was designed by our team, changing the original design of Celtic Cross. It resulted in a stunning new pattern and can now be seen in our shop.


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