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Wood Floor Installation 

Solid wood comes in many shapes. We offer straight solid wood planks, engineered solutions and many types of parquet blocks. We can work with various types of wood and are able to find a custom solution for nearly any preference.

First, if needed, we lay and prepare a sub-floor for the installation of (solid) wood flooring.

We then install the wooden floor, and, if unfinished, sand down, stain and seal your new flooring.

Wood Floor Restoration 

The restoration of your old wooden flooring takes place in several steps.


First, we sand down and remove previous finishes, marks and dents.


If needed, we then refit or replace existing floorboards if they are damaged.


Finally, we apply an oil or water-based stain, then a varnish, sand again to flatten the grain and varnish with a second and third coat.


The restoration process can retain some of the patina that has developed over time. The result will be a beautifully refurbished flooring that due to the natural ageing process might just turn out better than a new floor ever could.


Additional Details

We offer a whole range of different services in addition to the installation of new flooring and the restoration of old flooring.

This includes cladding stairs, installing skirting boards, bespoke thresholds, stair treads, metal inlays, bordering, transitions to carpet and tiled floors, custom shelving from wood or MDF, frames for large mirrors and pictures, wood furniture restoration and many more solutions.

If you have a particular special request, please get in touch to find out if we can help.

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